Friday, 5 January 2018

As the final week came it took me by surprise how much an amazing adventure could come to an end so quickly. It's gone by faster then anything I've ever experienced. Although it will be sad to say goodbye to all the friends I've made and the bonds I've formed these people have become apart of my life and now it's time to say goodbye. But during the week I was kept busy to keep my mind off the thought of it ending. On Monday we can home from Johannes place after new years eve where we went to a party. Tuesday we rested at home before going to school on Wednesday. So then Wednesday we went to school and just relaxed and hang out with everyone at school on my second last day. Then that night we took stine back to her birding school which was totally different to any other  school of ever seen. Come Thursdays we just went to school again and I said my final good byes to everyone. Then today Friday the second last day we went into Aalborg where we saw a bunch paintings on the buildings, went into the church and then went and got hot chocolates and played boardgames before coming home and starting to pack everything up.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Christmas time

Sorry to keep everyone waiting and not giving any up dates it's just that this last week with Christmas has been crazy busy and there's just so much happening so to start off. Thursday to Friday was just the normal day at home with a little bit of Christmas prep mixed in but then on Saturday everything got kicked into gear we got the tree up and decorated decorations placed around the house. Along with that I was asked if I would be able to make more ANZAC biscuits so that we may have some for all the family and they can try them so I made another batch of those and like last time they were a hit everyone loved them. Then come Sunday Christmas day everything was happening we went to tje zoo in the morning, food prep all of it family members arriving the lot. Then that night we sat down to eat dinner which was duck as it's a traditional food to have during the season and for desert we played a game where you get a portion of this pudding and in it are two full almonds and who ever got an almond won a present. For our game Jakob and I won. After that we went on to singing Christmas carols around the Christmas tree it was a little confusing as they were all in Danish but it was fun neither the less. Once that was done and dusted the main part of the night for the kids happened we opened up all the presents that we're under the tree before heading off to bed for the night. Then Monday we had a bit of a break before Tuesday when all of the family came round and we had a massive feast and it really showed the true meaning of Christmas. For Wednesday the neighbours cam over for lunch and we took their dog for a walk although later that day I got food poisoning from some off ham but after some rest I was okay. As for Thursday we went over to one of jakobs friends from boarding school for her 18th and it was nice. Then tonight we are hosting a bunch of people and having a board game night and that's where we're at now.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Still allive

I'm still alive yes and what have I been up to in the time I've been gone well. On Friday we left to go over to Johannes house for the weekend and while we were there on we baked some gingerbread cookies, went to the bazaar and got a sausage and some baked goods. Then on Sunday we all just relaxed played some Spyro and then took Johannes dog Freya before we went home. The come Monday we went to school for the first half of the day before heading to the swimming pool for our physics lessons. After we were done swimming we went into Aalborg and did some shopping while we waited for Hugo (Jakobs Dad) and Rikke (Sister) so we could get dinner before we saw "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Then today was a normal day at school before heading home and doing the usual stuff however after dinner we made some beeswax candles. Now That's where we're at for the time being.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Update time everyone. So Monday was pretty normal we went to school as per usual and just relaxed until we finished and we went on over to the Christmas market in Aalborg which was decorated with all sorts of trees and Christmas decorations and had heaps of different shops, such as the waffle and pancake stand where I got a waffle from and it was nice and fresh and hot on that cold day. Then on Tuesday after school we went to the Aalborg Viking museum which was full of history all about the Vikings and how they lived before when they were alive. This included things such as different jobs around the town, style of living, town layouts, beliefs, etc. It was a really cool experience and a great insight into the history of Denmark. Then on Wednesday at night, we went to this scouting event that was open to all scouts in the Aalborg region and we had to decipher codes that Santas evil brother Fanta had left for us so that we may be able to save Rudolph. Then Thursday night we went to another open event although this was just to the general public it was an open screening of the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which was cool we met up with some people that Jakob knew and just had a general good before coming home and having tea as normal. In fact, at this point I've had about 2 liters worth of tea in the past 3 weeks.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Amazing weekend (Also I Have no clue what's up with the text)

Wow, how to describe these past 4 days? I say this due the fact that so much has happened in just 4 days so to start with shall I start at Thursday where after school I went into the city of Aalborg and did a little bit of shopping while Jakob and I waited for Johanne's train to arrive so we could go home. Although when we got off the bus we had to wait around for about 30 mins for Jakobs mum to pick us all up during this time we saw the last freezing house in Denmark (a freezing house is like a community freezer). Now comes Friday where we went to the end of year movie marathon for Jakobs scouting group which was really fun, they all treated me as if I was one of their own scouts and I met a lot of cools people there. During the night we watched a classic Danish movie that I can't quite remember the name of but it was pretty funny, then after that we watched Pirates of the Caribbean which, was were nearly everyone fell asleep cause by the time that finished it was 2:40 am. Then Saturday morning we had breakfast and cleaned everything up before we started heading home. Once home it was time to prepare all the cookies and treats that will be eaten at Christmas time. I personally had a goal to make ANZAC biscuits for them all to try and luckily they all loved them and thought they were really good. Along with ANZAC biscuits, we also made some more traditional Danish cookies which were: Brown cookies, Butter cookies and Pebernødder. All of which are great and I like them. As for today, we went out to a chalk mine which was filled with sculptures and art along with this part of it was a museum with bits of Danish history. After the mines, we went to go get a hot drink and a bite to eat. But the most exciting thing that happened this entire time is that we had the first snowfall of the season and it was amazing it was white everywhere and we went out and had snowball fights and all the cool stuff you do in the snow. It was absolutely amazing.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

So to mark a week of arriving here in Denmark Jakob and I had to walk home from the bus stop after school and although it was quite cold for this Queenslander lucky we were accompanied by an amazing sunset that reminded me of home due to the golden clear sky. As one could say it was a sight for sore eyes. Although the next day I experienced what for us back home would be the winds as if it were a hurricane, it just felt like every step I took was like pulling a car behind me. In fact I had to ride the bike to the bus stop and as I was riding the wind resistance made it even harder to ride and when I came back from school I found the bike knocked over on the ground. But one new thing I learnt to make that night was another traditional Christmas craft much like the Christmas it was a Christmas star which turned out quite well actually I was very impressed with myself and can't wait to bring it back to my scout group for the younger sections. Now we are onto today were nothing much really happened we went to school like normal it was all good and then in the afternoon instead of coming home we went and played a game called werewolf with some of the older students and that was quite fun, I mean they got me to "Good eye might" and I hope they got enjoyment out of that. But the sad part of today was that I ran out of Tim Tams but it was for a worthy cause letting them try our beloved biscuit and luckily they loved them unlike vegemite.